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Spadger 30 March 2006 17:26

How do I i.d. my accelerator card?
I suppose this is a stupid question, but I have recently got hold of an a1200. It has an accelerator card with 16megs ram in the bottom of it, behind the trapdoor. Now, how do I figure out what type of accelerator it is? Is there a way within workbench to find out? Or am I going to have to take it out to find out?

DoctorQ 30 March 2006 17:32

Download WhichAmiga or boards233.library from www.aminet.net. Run them on the Amiga, and it will tell you if the board is a common one.

Spadger 30 March 2006 20:37

Thanks for the information :spin
I'll give it a go.

I've just had the Amiga today and I've been relearning a lot about it. One of the things was why I could install the cdrom drive etc on the included hard drive, but couldn't get the computer to chat to it, then with a bit of looking around in some interesting files I managed to workout how to make it chat to the device. May not seem much to experienced users, but its a major boost for me :-)

Chuckles 30 March 2006 21:55

Sysinfo is often able to identify cards for you, so you might give that a shot. You should be able to find it at:


Jope 31 March 2006 13:36

.. or take the quickest route anyway and just pull it out and read what it's called off the circuit board ..

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