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HardStep 25 January 2006 18:22

ATX power supply and Amiga 1200
Hi guys,
Can i use a ATX PSU with A1200 and turn the machine off by software?

Chain 25 January 2006 19:53

atx psu can be used for sure, but software switching "will needs some relay on paralel/whatever port" - just my idea howto do it

Jope 26 January 2006 09:12

It needs a circuit that toggles it's state when you press a pushbutton connected to it..

Then you can make the Amiga's parallel port also toggle the pushbutton momentarily and it will shut down.

jmmijo 26 January 2006 17:01

Perhaps if you look at the Form Factors site you can get all the info you need on how to do this. Please note section 3.3.2 and the PS_ON# signal, this is an active low signal that tells the power supply unit to turn on from idle or standby mode.

Then go to page 36 to view the main ATX power connector, note the PS_ON# signal pin and any ground pin. Just use an old reset or power switch from a PC chassis, the momentary on kind of switch, to connect them up and there you go :)

billy 26 January 2006 23:18

Aminet has docs on how to wire up a dual flip-flop and a momentary switch for the control of an ATX power supply. It wouldn't be that hard to extend that to a parallel port. Of course you would only have poweroff at shutdown, but how cool. :p

I use an old 250 watt ATX to power my A600's. She's got an AC switch on her, so all I had to do was jumper the power good signal to ground.

Good luck!

Dizzy 02 February 2006 22:06

I just found this guide

he also got some other nice guides http://www.ianstedman.co.uk/Amiga/amiga.html

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