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nameless91 10 July 2005 18:35

Problems with AmigaOnline Sensible Soccer (Kaillera)
Hi everyone,

I really hope this is the right forum, if not, please drop this thread in the fitting one :)

this is my problem, somebody PLEASE help me out: Im trying to play Sensible Soccer online (been downloading the new online package from www.sensiblesoccer.de) and I just cant get this game working online! :(
any time I try connecting to a server list (using kaillera client 0.9) Im getting the following error: error requesting server list!

what am I doing wrong?? someone please help me :( :(

forumbase 11 July 2005 01:24

oh wow, i never knew about online sensible soccer I love this game so much, I holp you get your problem solved mate.

nameless91 12 July 2005 22:40

anyone? :(

Peanutuk 13 July 2005 01:09

why don't you ask at the site you mention? surely as that is all the site does they will have more chance of helping you?

Peanutuk 06 August 2005 22:26

Having similar problems myself and I now know why you were asking here, the site itself is lacking information or any decent answers to problems.

Peanutuk 07 August 2005 23:51

I have just had a chat on their irc channel (Quakenet\(hash)sensible) and apparently their is just a problem with the server that that version of kaillera is configured to connect to, wait a bit and it'll sort itself out.

So I'm told...

Peanutuk 08 August 2005 00:44

Correction: Just select 'Lan' for you speed.

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