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Macca 21 December 2004 12:37

ClassicWB issues ADV pack...
Don't know whether it is me or a bug in the actual thing... anyway here goes:

Latest version of WinUAE (0.9.91) with Kickstart 3.1

Literally running ClassicWB as master HD and a folder on HD as DH1 (so I can set it all up ready for copying over to Amiga).

When it installs at the beginning it asks for a Workbench disk - put Workbench 3.1 in there and it does it's thing... then asks if I want to install the copper addon.. if I say yes it crashes and if I say no on restart it crashes?

Is it a known bug or have I done something stupid? :bash



Bloodwych 21 December 2004 13:28

Been testing - I have a copy of all the release packs here and they work fine in WinUAE 0.825 with 3.1 disk/ROMS and a directory added as DH1:

Try building a config from scratch as the one I provided is from the older 0.825 version.

Macca 21 December 2004 13:32

I have done mate.

Built the config from nothing - I'm guessing that the problem probably lies in WinUAE as I had it working on 9.90

Strange but true!


Bloodwych 21 December 2004 13:34

I'll test with the lastest to confirm.........

Bloodwych 21 December 2004 13:54

1 Attachment(s)
.....and it works fine. I used this config, but in a Win9x environment (WinME). I also tried it with a directory as DH1, still fine.

Hope you manage to track down the problem. :confused

MSC 21 December 2004 15:02

Also works fine in WinXP environment. Latest Winuae. :)

I have 5 folders set up as DH*: drives. Tools, games, etc..

Macca 21 December 2004 16:21

Hmm very strange....

Will give it more testing and try and track down the problem...



Macca 25 December 2004 17:19

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OK this get's even weirder:

Tried ClassicWB with a Workbench 3.0 Disk - this get's further but when you try and install the copper support it just does nothing... so anyway unpakced a new hard-drive and then tried it without copper support - no problem... except on the restart it then crashes with the attached error...

Using WinUAE v0.92 I'm guessing it must be something strange I'm doing- will try the config file in this post then report back.


Macca 25 December 2004 17:43

Strange works with the test configuration above but not with mine - the only real difference in mine is I don't have an FPU setup and I have less memory - nevermind all working now..

Take care


Bloodwych 25 December 2004 21:55

I still don't have any problems whatsoever. Must be a WinUAE config issue unique to your machine - definitely nothing wrong with the packs. ;)

Only the P96 version requires an FPU, but only for certain programs like Amiamp and Perfect Paint. Obviously the install procedure just uses a plain old script which doesn’t require anything special to run.

The normal versions work on anything I throw at them, Workbench/ROM 3.0 or 3.1.

The minimum config I tried was 2MB chip, 2MB fast, 68EC020, AGA, 3.0. This and anything above ran without a hitch. :confused

Macca 26 December 2004 22:27

I'll put it down to weirdness mate..

Working now.. no logical reason for it not working before but there must be one strange bug in WinUAE and I found it... anyway all is well with the world... thanks for the help...


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