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MSC 05 October 2004 02:09

My Classic WB.....So Far.......
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Spent most of this evening trying to customise Classic WB. Searching the net for amiga logo`s, drawing/changing icons etc. So far so good

Just thought i would share what i had done so far to see what anyone thinks.

The missus doesn`t care :laughing


Bloodwych 05 October 2004 12:23

Hey! That looks really good! :great

Glad that huge collection icons in the icons drawer came in useful. Really like the wallpaper too. Good work. :)

It appears as though games is now on a separate Harddrive. If so, did you edit the "s/user-startup" file to change the assign "A-Games" so it points to your new device? Like mentioned in the Docs doing so will update the popup menu, requesters etc. all in one easy step! Same goes for programs, demos, my files... :)

Next you'll be searching Aminet for extras like docbars, MP3/mpeg players........ ;) The great thing about workbench is it's so customisable. If you want to take the look even further you can try out more aminet treats like visual prefs. Doing a search on this board will give even more suggestions but be careful to check that the extra patch/software doesn't cause any compatibility issues.

Doc Mindie 09 October 2004 00:05

Workbench? Customizeable? have you ever tried WinXP? now THAT'S a freakin pain in the arse :P

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