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turrican3 08 September 2019 01:28

z-out display problem
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hi toni,
there is a problem with z-out,
launch the game with winuae 4.2.1, wait for the game.
It's directly there.
i tested with winuae 4.2.0 beta 7 29.03.2019, this is the less older one i tsill have, the display is normal !
edited : the problem began with 4.2.1 beta 5, the beta 4 display it correctly.
2 screenshots joined
It looks like if some lines has moved horiz left or right, but just by one pixel... The game itself works well.
If you need something more ??

edited : 1st screenshot 4.2.1 final (wrong pixel alignement) , 2nd 4.2.0 beta 7 (good) , 3rd 4.2.1 final (default config, no resize) bottom missing and wrong pixel alignement.

I used win7, winuae quickstart a500, Z-Out (1991)(Rainbow Arts)[0609], default winuae config. same result with d3d9-11 or ddraw
ps: i just set resize because if i don't i lost a part of the screen at the bottom (3rd screenshot added) It did it with the 2 winuae version.
ps2: tested winth winuae 2.4.1, i still miss the bottom screen, but i think it comes from my computer because i never noticed it earlier, anyway, it's easy to correct. The real problem are the lines badly aligned
edited : i must add that the problem occur with every versions whdload sps adf...

Toni Wilen 08 September 2019 10:14

Try switching OCS/ECS. I think this game has ECS compatibility problem.

turrican3 09 September 2019 01:43

thanks for the answer,

your proposal didn't do the trick,
it really began with 4.2.1 beta 5 before this beta , no problem.
It works well with 4.2.1 beta 4.

Zarnal 12 September 2019 14:36

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Do you activate any filters ? Because i've tried Z-Out with A500/WinUae 4.2.1 config without filtering. No particular issue (see picture). :)

Toni Wilen 12 September 2019 16:19

Ah, it is that one which needs some specific scaling option and only happens in few "special cases".

Was already fixed soon after 4.2.1 was out (but there is no official update yet)

turrican3 13 September 2019 02:03

i see, avery special case then.
where do we have to look for the next beta ?
when it will be available.

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