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4am 06 April 2012 21:18

PCMCIA fault: DOS error code 225 - Not a valid DOS disk

Newbie(ish) user looking for some advice - hope someone more learned can help!

A year or so ago I picked up an A1200 and a PCMCIA kit from amigakit. I managed to install everything ok and all was working fine.

This week I booted up the Amiga again having not used it for several months and once again, all was well. I've managed to copy some adfs and transfer to floppy via EasyADF just fine.

However upon rebooting the Amiga this afternoon - having used it fine for several hours - I'm getting an error when trying to read the contents of the PCMCIA card. The card is reading 'CF0:NDOS' in Workbench and when trying to view in Opus is giving the above '225' error message.

The CF card I'm using is a 2GB SanDisk Ultra II. I've tried reconnecting the card to the PCMCIA adapter but to no avail.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any help.

Arnie 07 April 2012 05:03

Sounds like a failed read/write to the CF card. Try using windows chkdsk.

Connect the CF card to a PC.

Open a cmd window and run as administrator

Type chkdsk ?: (your CF card drive letter) to scan the card

If errors are found, type chkdsk ?: /f

4am 07 April 2012 11:20

Thanks Arnie, I'll give that a try.

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