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ElectroBlaster 04 July 2002 17:40

Final Writer!

Has anyone got a link to some adf's of Finalwriter?
I have an old cd of my archived amiga and one folder is full of finalwriter documents n stuff that I cant read...

Fissuras 04 July 2002 19:27

Since it is in the TOSEC databases, you will find it in PLANETEMU here: http://www.planetemu.net/

Or you may go right here:

ElectroBlaster 04 July 2002 21:58

EH! I went to that site and waited the 3minutes it made me comply to and when that was done I failed and made me do it all over again? I only need 1 disk of this set as only one is corrupt on my amiga originals!

has anyone got this stuff on ftp??

Fissuras 04 July 2002 23:52

Which disk is the missing one? when I get home I can up it to you.

If you can't wait, just use the link bellow (change the disk number) to get direct acess over planetemu.

ftp://roms:download@planetemu.net/11...sk 9 of 9).zip

ElectroBlaster 05 July 2002 00:05

Mucho thanx m8 :D

I dont understand whats wrong with my disk6 of finalwriter tho?
it complains of checksum error's???

I have re-copied it! I have also rebuilt the disk aswell...

Fissuras 05 July 2002 00:16

Case Solved! Request Assisted! NEEEEEEEEXT!!!!!!!!!;)

ElectroBlaster 05 July 2002 00:36

Again I must say thanx :)

If you need any help please ask!!!

Minuous 05 July 2002 09:04

Maybe you have some hard errors on that floppy. In which case you salvage the data and throw the disk away.

ElectroBlaster 05 July 2002 16:59

Yeh the bootblock was trashed so I removed the *.lha archive off the disk within uae and built a new disk, then squirted it over to my 1200 tower back onto floppy :)

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