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pob13 09 January 2014 22:37

Lite to Full
Is there an easy way to go from ClassicWB Lite to the full version, or would I have to do a full install.

I have an Amiga 1200 with 8 Mb (cant remember the exact name of the card)
It currently has ClassicWB Lite v25 on it, on a CF card with the workbench partition, and 2 other partitions with games and demos on.

Could I upgrade that to the latest ClassicWB Full version, or can I only upgrade to the Lite version, and would need to do a full install of the full version.

If I do the full install, would I be right in thinking I only need to format the workbench partition, ? How does the config of WHD load work is there anything I would need to backup from that partition first ?

Bloodwych 16 January 2014 21:43

Hi there and a big welcome to EAB!!!! :great

The best way forward is to format your Workbench partition only and reinstall the Workbench pack of your choice. There is no upgrade pathway, apart from just writing over the top of your previous install but that will break more than it upgrades and will leave redundant files.

You can easily point any ClassicWB pack to your other partitions by using the Assign system built into the ClassicWB. Please see the following tutorial:



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