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tommywright 25 January 2013 01:00

Fullscreen = 1 not written to config
This is a small bug that might be fixed in a newer version (I'm using FS-UAE Launcher 2.0.1 for Mint 14 x64).

When I add fullscreen = 1 in the Launcher, it is not written to the config file (the .fs-uae file) and therefore will not run fullscreen when I use a desktop launcher to run an Amiga program.

I can add fullscreen = 1 manually but if I make a change back in Launcher and save, it takes the line back out.

Other than that small inconvenience, I am LOVING fs-uae. I registered for this board mainly because I'm such a huge fan of this program. :)

tommywright 25 January 2013 02:32

Now that I'm using Launcher more.. I totally see what you're doing there with having fullscreen on the Launcher that. Hmm... I guess if I'm the only one asking then it makes no sense for this feature.

Is there a script I can run (like in a terminal) that will add that line to all my .fs-uae files?

FrodeSolheim 26 January 2013 12:37

FS-UAE Launcher divides the FS-UAE options into two categories, you could call them "configuration options" and "settings". The settings are generally common for all configurations (but can be manually overriden in configurations, there are UI for this). The fullscreen option is such a "setting", but it is not intentional that the option is deleted from the configuration files! -So I'll look into that.

One thing you can do is to create the file Host.fs-uae in Configurations:

fullscreen = 1

This will will be used to read common defaults for FS-UAE (but will be ignored by the Launcher). This way, you don't have to store fullscreen = 1 in all your configuration files :)

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