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Aburamushi 24 February 2019 19:42

Eye of the Beholder 1/2 AGA WHDload crash [Fixed ... maybe]

I can't launch EotB AGA. It keep crashing directly. Could play only 1 time.
I think it's related to the memory, the error is:

"Recoverable alert. Press left mouse to continue.
Error 0100 000C Task: 783D3750"

Sometimes I can get back to workbench, but with very low chip memory, and WHDLoad error. But most of the time, if I press the left mouse, it's a red crash and my A1200 reboot.

I can play all my games without trouble. I have a Blizzard 1230 MK IV with 128mb ram.

I tried on Winuae, I have the same problem.

I got the games from EAB ftp.

Anyone had the same problem?



I fixed it! I'm very super noob to WHDload but, I knew it was a memory issue.
Couldn't find how I could modify the whd settings for those games.
Tried to check on the whdload website, but my brain wasn't smart enough for all those informations.
When from the workbench I wanted to check the infos on the icon, the system would crash... weird.

And with ClassicWB ADVSP, iGame wasn't working.

So I downloaded iGame from it's homepage, installed it back. was working.
scanned my shitload of games, went to drink some tea. cambe back, and then checked the game properties for both EotB.
The ToolTypes had "PreloadSize=3881406"
So I thought, even if I have 128mb on my Blizzard card, I only have 2mbit of chip memory. So I change it to "1881406".
And it work!!

I will try to play 1 hour to see if I have isssues, since I lowered the PreloadSize"


Well, I tried to check the tooltypes with the workbench, it crashed again. I put back the old PreloadSize, and it ONLY work with iGame launcher....
Really weird...
But at least I can play.

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