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e5frog 10 January 2013 13:45

Broken sample in Lemmings?
I don't remember hearing (what I asume is) this broken sample in lemmings before at 2:18-2:22 first time:


Is it supposed to be like that, does anyone have an original and can check?

s2325 10 January 2013 13:57

I'm sure it is not supposed to be like that, I had this game on my Amiga. You can check on Unexotica.

e5frog 10 January 2013 13:59

I have downloaded six different cracks from various places, they all that same bug. One release had Lamer Exterminator virus on disk 2...

Kind of sucks, can't get to my boxed version right now.

Doesn't seem to be any instruments that sound like that at least - don't think I have the programs to play back the songs from the downloaded archive.

s2325 10 January 2013 14:01

SPS or IPF release should be ok.

e5frog 10 January 2013 14:19

I was going to play it on a real A500 so ipf file is out of the question I guess.

s2325 10 January 2013 14:31

try ftp://easyjohn.dyndns.info/Amiga/Sit...0Melnok%5d.zip

Vollldo 10 January 2013 14:35

Never noticed that a sample was broken on my cracked version.
Which ones did you try e5frog ???

e5frog 10 January 2013 14:47

I already had a disk and I noticed it on that so I wrote new disk from two sources in some AmigaPack.rar file that I downloaded from somewhere a long time ago. Then the versions at

All in all there were maybe 3-4 different "cracktros".

Then I decided to ask, hoping to get a proper one. ;-)
I'll check the links.

_ThEcRoW 10 January 2013 14:50


Originally Posted by s2325 (Post 861035)
SPS or IPF release should be ok.

Ok for who?. As i'm concerned, sps images aren't published on the net freely.

e5frog 10 January 2013 14:58

The SKR crack seems to have the odd audio disturbance, there are different trainers to it.
The Melnok crack doesn't seem to want to run in WinUAE, perhaps I should try transfer it to disk. After the incredibly ugly intro picture (compared to usual standards) track changes to 00 then steps to 02 and screen goes black with no more action.

I'm starting to believe it would have been quicker spending two or three hours retrieving the original disks instead of attempting a quick adf write out. Not that the game isn't playable anyway - just can't let it go now that I'm hanged up on it.

Retro1234 10 January 2013 14:58

Is this the problem? http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?p=508559#post508559

demolition 10 January 2013 14:59


Originally Posted by _ThEcRoW (Post 861049)
Ok for who?. As i'm concerned, sps images aren't published on the net freely.

CAPSDI? They have 6 versions of Lemmings.

s2325 10 January 2013 15:04

there is also ftp://easyjohn.dyndns.info/Amiga/Sit...y/Lemmings1.7z

e5frog 10 January 2013 15:18

Yes, Boo Boo that seems to be the same problem. Guess I need JonnyB's reparied image that I guess is no longer in the zone...

I wonder if it's the ADF-creation that messes it up, don't recall that a previous crack I once had had this or similar problem. I played through all levels on Fun and the next level as well.

Tried an IPF version and at least I now know how it's supposed to sound and I know that it's wrong - unless an early version had this error on the original.

@s2325, that was only the first disk.

The repaired disk is on the FTP server.

Problem solved for now.

Vollldo 11 January 2013 15:17

Yes i was about to write that a repaired disk was here on the server :).
It is this one i tranfered mooooonths ago, as far as i know it solves the problem.

Perfect if you grabbed it !

e5frog 11 January 2013 16:35

Yes, I guess I could have searched the forum first, but after googling for various adf-files and trying them for quite I while I took the easy way out and just asked. ;-)

Great job there!

Perhaps I should get the KryoFlux and write out one of those IPF files instead, could be good for the C64 as well even if I have the ZoomFloppy.

Thanks again community! I'll see if I can get the girls away from the Wii soon so I can show them some real games on the Amiga instead.

dirk_the_daring 11 January 2013 20:26

Yes, there is a problem with that sample, you can check how it should sound in the cdtv version (at 3m05s)

e5frog 11 January 2013 21:23

In post #14 I wrote that I had tried the ipf version [in WinUAE] and that I had heard the sound properly. But thanks anyway. ;-)

Vollldo 26 February 2013 17:00

By the way, is the Melnok version as in fact the problem or not ? Can't load it too with WinUAE 2.5.1.

e5frog 26 February 2013 18:07

Don't understand what you mean but I had no problems with the version on the eab-ftp-server so I don't really care about all the other crap out there. Also got the ipf files and will try the disks I wrote from the Kryoflux some time soon.

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