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Leandro Jardim 16 October 2011 21:05

Some mysteries I noticed from WinUAE
* When I copy a drawer full of files from one location to other, the FastRAM memory decreases to a very low level and my backdrop with a copper generated with CopperDemon flashes repeatedly until Workbench finishes the copy.

I am using:
Workbench 3.1
NewIcons 4.6
SystemPatch 3.3
StackAttack 2

* Sometimes WinUAE holds the keyboard input focus and everything that I enter in FireFox or other application WinUAE receives too.

* I run MagicMenu and CopperDemon, but when WinUAE is in windowed mode, both act strangely, MagicMenu doesnt change the menu bar and CopperDemon doesnt show its window, until I enter the WinUAE panel and exit from it.

* OS 3.9: Sometimes the Find tool reports memory full. Old problem I noticed.

Toni Wilen 17 October 2011 19:48

I don't see anything winuae specific here except focus "leak". (But that also needs some more information than "sometimes")

Some of those hacks probably won't work together very well.

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