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fitzsteve 21 January 2010 17:04

What would stop Component video output from working?

I was messing around with my spare Miggy (A1200) last night and tried to hook it via the Component video output, but I am not getting any output. What would stop this from working? Its fine via the 23pin with an RGB scart.

I've actually had it hooked up this way before so I know it was working in the past and it was the same TV set so I know its not incompatible.

I also tried with one of those little scart converters and no joy :sad


rkauer 21 January 2010 18:07

Composite encoder CXA1145 and associated circuit.

jbenam 21 January 2010 21:00

Had a A600 which did this. Sadly it died of other causes before I could've nailed the problem.

IIRC, the problem was in the caps around the Composite circuit.

fitzsteve 21 January 2010 21:28

Oh dear I hope its not going to die :shocked

To be honest I just tried the composite out on my other Miggy and its shocking quality so I will just stick with RGB Scart.

I want to set it up in the spare room but only have one scart lead so was going to run one with the composite output.

I got a cable to connect it to my 1084 off ebay, just won it for 99p so I guess I can ignor the composite problem for now.

I checked all the caps when I had my miggys in bits earlier in the week, I couldn't see any leaking :blased



jbenam 21 January 2010 21:33

Don't worry about your miggy dieing ;)

Mine had another issue with the reset timer. A cap near it leaked badly, and destroyed most of the traces. At the time I wasn't skilled with the soldering iron as I'm now (also had a pretty crappy cheapo $10 iron, now I've got a $150 station ;)), and it didn't end well :lol

As for the leaking, most of the time you can't even notice it by eye (my miggy 600 didn't have anything visible on it) but you can clearly feel the "fishy" smell they produce when you desolder them :)

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