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Ian 27 January 2002 02:21

AGA Demo's, GFX bug's??
Two of the demo's I have have what appears to me, to be GFX bug's. The first is Perfect Circle, it has rather dodgy section's, which may be actually what it's supposed to look like, but judging from the graphical splendor of the rest of the demo, I don't think this is the case.

Can anyone confirm this on a real Amiga??

Ian 27 January 2002 02:28

And the other one is Relic.

If these are bug's with WinUAE's AGA code are they fixable Toni?

Both these demo's are at BttR if you want to test them yourselves:)

Maybe it's just my GFX card not doing what it's supposed to:rolleyes

Toni Wilen 27 January 2002 09:55

Both are known problems.

Perfect Circle: Don't use 0.8.17R3, it has bug in cpu emu.

Relic: Seems to be timing problem because sometimes graphics is correct and sometimes it looks just like on your screenshot. Unfortunately I don't know if it is caused by emulator bug or bug in demo.

Ian 27 January 2002 14:15

Thanks for clearing that up Toni:)

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