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killergorilla 08 December 2005 03:55

WANTED: The Humans French Version

if anyone has this game in french let me know!

pbareges 08 December 2005 13:14

hey gorilla master, since when are you interested in french people ?:confused

personnally i think any game translated in french should be erased from earth ... do you agree ?:evilgrin

just kidding guys....:laughing i find myself in an autodestructive strange mood this morning... have a nice day everyone!!

dlfrsilver 08 December 2005 15:44

Chui ben content d'et lôôô (LMAO)

Yes please if someone has the Humans in french, i'm interested too.

killergorilla 10 July 2006 20:15

Just wondered, does anyone out there have this?

Find it weird that nobody has come forward yet!

killergorilla 25 July 2006 02:23

Sorry to dig up all my old request threads, but it's coming up to the end of the month which means another whdload pack so I'm just making sure I can put as many games in it as possible :)

Thanks for your time!

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