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scifi 10 June 2020 06:15

Where do I upload contributions?
It's been quite a while since my last contribution to HOL so I've totally forgotten the whole procedure... :spin
Could you please remind me? :great

lilalurl 10 June 2020 11:19

The best place is the FTP:


Contributions can be uploaded to the following FTP site:

Address: ftp.abime.net
User: hol
Password: incoming

scifi 10 June 2020 13:40


Originally Posted by lilalurl (Post 1406778)

Oh, thank you very much for the information! :great

lilalurl 10 June 2020 15:19

And thank you for your past and future contributions.

scifi 10 June 2020 19:58

I was not too active in the past but I will try to compensate in the future.

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