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RyeGuy 19 May 2020 18:02

FlyerSCSI device
I finally dusted off my Amiga 2000 (modified), Amiga 4000 desktop, and Amiga 4000T. Amiga emulation has come a long way since I last tried it about a decade ago. The WinUUAE emulator is basically like using a real Amiga computer!

I was able to back up my SCSI and few IDE drives to hdf files off the 3 computers. Thankfully those hard drives held up! 8 of the SCSI drives are attached to the video toaster flyer SCSI "interfaces". I have yet to fire up my Toaster Flyer yet as I wanted to get everything backed up just in case something where to go wrong.

I was able to boot my A4000T virtually and browse the system drive. In my Devs/DosDrivers folder I have devices for each of the eight Flyer hard drives. However I can not seem to figure a way in which I could mount these drives and view them. Does anybody know if this has been done successfully before? I understand there is no emulation for the video toaster hardware, but am unsure how proprietary the hard disk file system is and whether the Amiga can recognize it without it. Like maybe just changing the device file to some other device.

Best Regards


Tomislav 20 May 2020 12:35

If Flayer is like DPS PAR and have it's own format of writing data on disk then it is currently readable only with Video Toaster Flayer card. WinUAE don't emulate those cards. In that case only using software drivers don't help because drivers use card to read drives and don't read drives directly.

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