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Kore 02 April 2005 10:36

Sorry Akira to post here and not being able to help your quest. But I am looking for a special game of tetris myself and since it looks you have looked at most of them I wonder if you (or anyone who might know) can help me find a name for my tetris game.

I know that main screen background was green
It had many modes to play
I was able to play it together with friend
It had I think 60sec time trial where you tried to score as high as you could

I just hope thats enough to pinpoint games name.

Akira 06 April 2005 22:30

No sorry allowed :P

Thread split into a new one.

mr_0rga5m 07 April 2005 02:21


Critter 10 April 2005 08:17

:lol another one! haha

kore i suggest you check the other thread and you will see the dozens of tetris games that have been suggested in the search for akira's lost tetris game.

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