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Ivan Castle 28 December 2002 15:25

Warp3D and Amithlon
I heard it is possible to use Warp3D on a Voodoo3 card or a GeForce2 card under Amithlon. Anyone know how to make that work?

RetroMan 28 December 2002 16:48

AFAIK it was an unofficial Hack and never made it to the public but I would also be interested in how this would work :p

Korodny 29 December 2002 18:12

AFAIR, it requires you to have two gfx cards in your computer, and you'll need to get your hands on specifically hacked Warp3D binaries (which are not publicly available).

Chances are extremely slim that anybody (apart from Harald Frank himself) will ever have a working W3D Amithlon setup.

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