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Grungie 14 December 2002 17:57

Saving Games
Hi there

I've this game player manager 2.
It works but i can't save it. Not on a savedisk or a formatted disk.
Everytime when I saved the games and want to start it up a again the saving disk is empty
What did i do wrong?
Please could someone explain me the procedure of saving a games.
Please Help


stuntpup 14 December 2002 18:26

u playing on a real amiga or in winuae ?

Grungie 14 December 2002 18:42

on winuae

stuntpup 16 December 2002 09:31

what do u do when it comes to saving your game to a floppy ? do u have your savedisk in df1 .. u may have to eject the game disk from df0 then put your blank adf into df0.. also i`m not sure about this but is the `blank savedisk write protected ? .. sorry i`m not the biggest help on winuae as i`m not used to it myself ..
if u do sort it out make sure to put a response here !


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