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bigbod 21 June 2013 07:50

Amix on WinUAE: Access to USB?

Sorry if this is not the right place to ask. I've installed and patched Amix under WinUAE 2.6.1 to Amix 2.1c.

I achieved this using ADF files and attached hard disks (SCSI5, SCSI6).

Now I want to transfer a few individual patch files to Amix. My host PC doesn't have a floppy drive, so what is the best way to do this?

I have the files on a 8 GB FAT32 formatted USB drive, but I don't know how to install/mount the USB drive so that I can read from it in Amix.

Is this possible?


Toni Wilen 22 June 2013 16:14

I don't think Amix supports FAT32. I guess easiest way is to use A2065 network emulation and transfer using ftp/wget or something similar.

(A2065 emulation adds slirp backend in next version which makes it less annoying to use)

mark_k 22 June 2013 19:34

You could create a tar archive of the files. Mount that as an HDF (emulated SCSI hard drive) in WinUAE, then use a command like tar -xf /dev/sd2 or if that doesn't work dd if=/dev/sd2 | tar -x

Or you could do the same but split the tar archive into 880KB pieces, mount each in turn as floppy disks in WinUAE then do dd if=/dev/fd0 of=output.bin for example. Then join the pieces together in Amix and unpack the archive.

[The device names I gave in the example commands are probably wrong for Amix; read the Amix manual to determine the correct ones. And I haven't actually tried that technique myself.]

If you can use Linux, I think that does support the filesystem which Amix uses. Using the appropriate commands you could/should be able to mount the Amix partition in your HDF directly (i.e. without WinUAE running), and copy files into it that way.

Noth 06 August 2013 20:46

The correct paths are /dev/dsk/c2d0s0 instead of /dev/sdb (if it was sda2 it would be c1d0s2) and /dev/dsk/fd0 instead of /dev/fd0. The tar method works reasonably well... if s0 doesn't work, try s1, and use gtar instead of tar. Once you've got networking going (if DNS doesn't work you can still use wget or ftp to the IP address) just transfer with network tools, it's much easier that way!

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