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Unregistered 03 November 2001 20:16

More than 4 adf files

I downloaded Willy Beamish the other day, which is something like 9 adf files. Can anyone kindly tell me how to change adf files during the game?


Paul 03 November 2001 20:23

First read

When asked for a disk press F12, go to floppy tab, click eject, then OK, wait 2 seconds, press F12 and insert next adf and click OK.

N.B. You may need to press fire.

Unregistered 03 November 2001 22:24


Ian 04 November 2001 17:28

Or even better, install it to hard drive, which will have the positive side effect of removing disk swapping altogether:great

If you don't know how to setup a Hard Drive (Using WinUAE) try reading THIS

CPC464 15 November 2001 21:35


Changing Disks is easy to do just press F12 and insert the disk (after ejecting the other first)

Simple as that

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MethodGit 15 November 2001 21:48

There's also a shortcut way of changing disks if you don't want to have to encounter the GUI (for some reason :rolleyes). Simply press End+F1 if you want to change DF0:, End+F2 for DF1:, End+F3 for DF2:, and finally End+F4 for DF3:.

Hope that helps as well. :)

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