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Paul 15 October 2004 17:01

G5 Amiga: Project 'Amiga5' website online
'Amiga5' is a project which intends to bring a G5 Amiga motherboard to the Amiga community.

Apparantly, they are planning to modify the design of the G5 Evaluation Plattform from Momentum Computers.

View: Project 'Amiga5' website

Source: amiga-news.de

Akira 15 October 2004 18:35

Why don't these sods quit the PPC route and start working on a Coldfire accelerator for normal, REAL Amigas?


Duke 15 October 2004 19:07

Because the Coldfire is too slow.

oldpx 15 October 2004 19:13

For...taking over the world from evil wintels? This won't happen, let's all have fun ;)

Akira 15 October 2004 19:40


Originally Posted by Duke
Because the Coldfire is too slow.

Depends on your needs.
Because, to be honest, I don't see a single Amiga app that needs or makes full use of a G4, so why make a bloody G5?

Duke 15 October 2004 19:43

Well there are tasks where a fast CPU is always helpful, like video encoding. It also helps when software is ported from other systems.

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