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Raven 31 August 2001 19:54

What exactly are ADF files?
Sorry if this is a stupid question but could someone please explain to me what ADF files are. Are they for PC's or can they be used on Amiga's and if so how do they work. I really haven't got the foggiest about them. Thanks in advance.

Raven 01 September 2001 14:49

Ok. Thanks s4murai.

Fred the Fop 02 September 2001 06:39

Try the best site for beginners to Amiga emulation, Raven


Enjoy and come back for more help..

BUT ....

Get rid of the stupid as signature ..NOONE uses them around here, and its a sure way to anger the moderators.
Quoth Fred.

Fred the Fop 02 September 2001 06:39

LOL!! Guess a mod just did:p

RCK 02 September 2001 16:25

note to fred:
Raven use his signature in the correct way. (he his only using UserCP). He have the right to use it.
If you don't wan't to see his signature, you should disable the view of user's signature in your own UserCP. (default)

Fred the Fop 02 September 2001 19:44

Signatures are silly and wasteful..totally destroys quality of forums.

RCK 02 September 2001 21:23

agree (and you know that).
but users can put their signature in their profile if they want/need to.

By this way, choosing to viewing the other's signature or not is the choice of every members.

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