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elias137 23 February 2021 09:21

FS-UAE Launcher 3.0.5 won't open on High Sierra 10.13.6
FS-UAE Launcher 3.0.5 won't open on High Sierra 10.13.6 It just hangs and not responding, while running via terminal (/Applications/"FS-UAE Launcher.app"/Contents/MacOS/fs-uae-launcher) is just fine without any errors. Can somebody please help to get rid of this nasty issue? Thanks in advance!

Matt_H 23 February 2021 16:42

I can semi-replicate this issue. 3.0.5 crashes instantly on my 10.13.6 system. So there’s certainly some sort of bug. Reverted to 3.0.2, which works perfectly.

FrodeSolheim 13 March 2021 10:31

I've updated the build system and dependencies once again, and set up an automated build system on GitHub which hopefully will reduce work for me in providing builds. Now to the relevant bit:

Since this build is build with different libraries and with a different method, it might just fix the problem, whatever it was:

Can you try if the Launcher in this archive starts in 10.13?:

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xf9sceb70...nwrceimVa?dl=0 (Stable)

(Note, this is not a full release yet, and FS-UAE is not bundled with it, but I would very much like to know if it starts properly on macOS 10.13).

elias137 13 March 2021 19:12


Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim (Post 1469839)
Can you try if the Launcher in this archive starts in 10.13?:


No, it's still doesn't work. It says 'The application FS-UAE-Launcher can't be opened" when I click on it, and I'm also getting an error running it via the terminal 'fs-uae-launcher: Operation not permitted'

FrodeSolheim 13 March 2021 19:20

Can it have been "damaged" while extracting? For example, that the fs-uae-launcher executable is missing the executable flag?

Did you extract the archive using Finder, or a 3rd-party utility?

elias137 13 March 2021 19:24

YEAH, you're right! I did use 3rd party utility. I've managed to extract it properly now, and it runs just fine!!! I don't know whether it'll be working fine as well, gonna have some time to check everything, but at least it now runs with no problems! Thanks a million!

FrodeSolheim 13 March 2021 19:39

You will also need FS-UAE.app (no longer included inside the Launcher app). You can get a similarly new build of FS-UAE here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/03y8l4uvu..._BeyaWTha?dl=0 :)

You will need to move either apps - or both - so they exist side-by-side.

Matt_H 14 March 2021 02:42

Turns out my memory was a little faulty. It wasn't FS-UAE Launcher 3.0.5 that was crashing on my system, it was FS-UAE 3.0.5 itself. So it might have been a different issue from what elias137 reported.

Regardless, these new builds seem to be working. :great

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