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Jason H 22 February 2021 17:30

FS-UAE Joystick Support (Apple Silicon)
Just upgraded to a new M1 (Silicon) Mac mini running Big Sur.

I now see that no Joysticks are working with FS-UAE. The Launcher App (3.0.5) will detect my joysticks but alas, they do not work in the actual games.

Anyone know if the Current FS-UAE supports USB joysticks on this platform? Cheers.

Jason H 02 March 2021 17:59

So, looking at some other Intel Apps (running under Rosetta), it seems that joysticks are not supported.

Anyone have a link for a 'how to compile from source'?

FrodeSolheim 02 March 2021 22:57

There are build instructions here: https://github.com/FrodeSolheim/fs-u...s/compiling.md

Pyromania 03 March 2021 03:10

Will a version of FS-UAE be coming out soon for Apple Silicon?

FrodeSolheim 03 March 2021 18:06


Originally Posted by Pyromania (Post 1466879)
Will a version of FS-UAE be coming out soon for Apple Silicon?

Not soon. I don't have access to M1 hardware. Not yet, anyway. While cross-compiling from x86-64 is possible, it would be quite time-consuming to set up a build pipeline for that + I wouldn't be able to test the resulting builds.

Maybe FS-UAE users and M1 owners should team up, and you could appoint one of you to create unofficial FS-UAE builds for M1? It's not really difficult, and I would assist with help and instructions (but preferable help someone who is familiar with compiling stuff).

cloverskull 03 March 2021 20:53

I should receive my M1 Mac Mini some time next week. I've already confirmed all the dependencies listed on https://github.com/FrodeSolheim/fs-u...s/compiling.md already have binary builds and are fully supported by brew on Apple Silicon/Big Sur.

I've set up enough Mac dev environments for my job by now that it shouldn't take me long to at least get started :)

cloverskull 08 March 2021 01:44

For Apple Silicon build attempts, I've started a new thread: https://eab.abime.net/showthread.php...79#post1468379

Jason H 15 April 2021 20:39

Thread answered here - http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=106154

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