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Chritoph 13 February 2021 17:15

FS-UAE Launcher on MacOS Mojave / 10.14
Hi there!

Should it be possible to run FS-UAE Lauchner on MacOS Mojave?

So what I did:
  • I downloaded FS-UAE 3.0.5 dmg, mounted it and moved the Launcher to Applications
  • Double-Clicked it and selected to open this unknown application
    • Nothing happened
  • Running from Terminal:
    • cd /Applications
    • open FS-UAE\ Launcher.app/
      > LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed with error -10810 for the file /Applications/FS-UAE Launcher.app.
  • A bit of troubleshooting in Terminal:
    • cd /Applications/FS-UAE\ Launcher.app/
    • xattr -l Contents/MacOS/*
      > Plenty of files quarantined :nuts
    • xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine .
    • But still no change...
  • open /Applications/FS-UAE\ Launcher.app/Contents/FS-UAE.app/
    > pretty much unconfigered emulator starting

Any further ideas?

FrodeSolheim 20 February 2021 09:13

Hi, that should indeed by possible.

I've seen that -10810 error before. Please go into System Preferences -> Security & Privacy ->Privacy tab -> Files and Folders and check the FS-UAE Launcher has access to "Documents Folder".

(If you answered no to allow access the Documents folder when first running, the Launcher will fail with that error code)

Re: quarantine: Could be that it is normal with quarantine attr after the app has been "approved" to run. On my 10.15 system where there seems to some flags in the quarantine attrs which change from 0181 to 01c1 when the app is first launched (and allowed to run).

Chritoph 06 March 2021 15:44

Finally got it running - needed to delete the FS-UAE folder in my documents folder pre-existing from looooong before the OSX system upgrade. Working fine now - thanks for the hint about the documents folder.

Error messaging could be better. :p

Matt_H 06 March 2021 19:37

Could this be the same issue as we’re experiencing this this thread?

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