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Thomas Korte 26 January 2021 19:15

Ambermoon on FS UAE - Why is it so slow?

I am using FS UAE to play Ambermoon (German version 1.06).

The game's 3D graphics are unnaturally slow. :blased

On YouTube there is a guy who has videos of the game running with 50 fps on WIN UAE / Amiga forever, using an A3000 as configuration.

I am using an emulated A4000 with 68040 and it is still slower on FS UAE.

How can this be? :confused

I am looking for an opportunity to speed up the graphics and I tried to enable emulation of a Turbo Board but the ROM file I downloaded is not recognized and the system hangs...

I would be grateful for anyone who could help me fix the configuraton for more speed!

Ambermoon geeks somewhere??

Thank you so far...

alexh 26 January 2021 19:30

Could it be they use JIT?

profo 26 January 2021 19:42

Test a A3000 config? Maybe your pc is to slow for the chosen config.

Retro-Nerd 26 January 2021 19:49

Yep. Select an A4000/68040 config and enable the JIT compiler. Should be fast enough, and Ambermoon seems to work fine with JIT. And don't use the keyboard keys/key symbols on the right to navigate through the dungeons. Just use the mouse directly in the game window (it's super fast then).


Thomas Korte 26 January 2021 22:20

Thank you!

I enabled JIT support and that did the trick!

What does JIT mean anyway?

Retro-Nerd 26 January 2021 22:22


FrodeSolheim 27 January 2021 01:13

Just a note about A4000 vs A3000 emulation; It does not matter (for speed) if you choose a 68030 or a 68040 CPU. In both cases, the CPU emulation by default runs as fast as your machine can handle.

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