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profo 25 January 2021 09:46

Transworld_v1.0_De_2837 doesnt work
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with my "FS-UAE-Suite_3.0.5_Windows_x86-64" (for portability)
the WHDLoad "Transworld_v1.0_De_2837.lha" doesnt work.
The last thing shown on screen is the WHDLoad Splash, then the window closes.

I testet "Turrican2_v2.1-B_CDTV.lha" and this one works, so it doesnt look like a problem with my installation.

Both of the files are from RetroPlay┬┤s Uploads on the EAB FTP, available WB Discs are of version 3.1.

The configuration is "Amiga, WHDLoad, v1.0, De, 2837", read from the online database and uses A600 with 2.05 ROM (Kickstart v2.05 rev 37.350 (1992)(Commodore)(A600HD)[!].rom).

Edit: "MegaLoMania_v1.7_De_0076.lha" works, it is using the same Amiga model and Kickstart.

Please let me know if more information is needed.

Thanks and best regards

Retro-Nerd 25 January 2021 14:20

You need Disk 1 (ADF image) of your Workbench 3.0/3.1 set in one of your set and scanned game path.

profo 25 January 2021 14:22


Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd (Post 1456442)
You need Disk 1 (ADF image) of your Workbench 3.0/3.1 set in one of your set and scanned game path.

I have that. The other WHDLoad things are working, so it is recognized. :)

Retro-Nerd 25 January 2021 14:33

Strange. I don't get this "missing" WB 3.0 message. Everthing looks fine, then FS-UAE just closes it.

edit: Ups. Had it set to A1200 config. With a A600 config it starts just fine in FS-UAE ( v3.0.5 Windows portable).

https://abload.de/thumb/transworld-real-210129hjel.png https://abload.de/thumb/transworld-real-21012mwke8.png

profo 25 January 2021 14:57

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Hmm. I dont have wb 3.0 discs i think. Have to look. This would be the only difference i can find here.
Thanks for checking. :)

edit: Found a WB3.0 disc that is working with this config.
Setpatch is applied but the emulation window is still closing after the WHDLoad Splash.

thevoice 26 January 2021 17:26

i just tested transworld with fs-uae 3.0.5 aswell in ubuntu 20.10 and for me it also drops back to the launcher right after the whdload splashscreen. the logs do not show any fancy stuff and also like 30 other whdload titles i tried just start as they should.

Retro-Nerd 26 January 2021 18:05

Even with a A600 config? The Launcher only quits it for me with an A1200 config.

profo 26 January 2021 18:19

The launcher stays open. The Emulation window closes. A600 or A1200 doesnt matter here for me.
The logs are unspectacular (at least for me).
Really strange.

FrodeSolheim 27 January 2021 01:00

Just did a quick test and can verify that the problem is that FS-UAE crashes. By coincidence (*) I just got a patch a couple of days ago for a memory corruption bug in FS-UAE: https://github.com/FrodeSolheim/fs-uae/issues/245.

(*) I have a hunch that this is not a coincidence at all. Will check tomorrow if this crash is related to the reported problem / patch.

FrodeSolheim 27 January 2021 19:58

I can confirm that the directory file system patch I mentioned in my previous post fixes the crash :)

Now I need to consider doing a 3.0.6 bugfix release...

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