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FirstNE 21 August 2020 20:55

Hi everyone - looking for some help. I've used the vc compiler, but thought I'd resurrect the SAS/C compiler because I happen to like the building sequence - besides I paid for it! :) Anyway, I have an undefined symbol __CXC55 which I'm trying to figure out what library it may be in so I can add it to the "build" options/smakefile. Anyone have a clue?

alkis 21 August 2020 21:29

I think you need to link with math libraries. sc math=standard link foo.c (or choose math standard in scopts)

FirstNE 22 August 2020 19:25

I think you may be correct. I know that after I posted I saw a one sentence description of _CX error messages, but I can not find it now in the manual. (I got side tracked onto a different problem and lost my page :( )

FirstNE 26 August 2020 18:46

Success! I've gotten 2 of the modules that make up "Age of Sail" to compile and run using AmigaForever and the SAS/C 6.5 compiler! WOO HOO! And yes, the math=standard was indeed missing. I do have to compile using the shell (no biggie) because for some reason using Workbench causes a crash. Hard to believe that a 30 years old system still works. :D

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