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Arnie 21 April 2020 16:06

Disks not loading from double click
I've installed WinUAE4.3 64 bit on Windows 10 Pro and I can't load disks by double clicking the image file (ADF, DMS, IPF, ADZ...etc).
I can drag 'n' drop onto the window though.

I also have Win8.1 pro installed on the same laptop and use WinUAE4.3 32bit, the disk files load perfectly. Using WinUAE 32bit on Windows 10 pro makes no difference.

I've attached the winuaebootlogs for both partitions and you can clearly see a diference in loading files.


Arnie 23 April 2020 15:25

Sorted....I had to make some changes to the registry.

Toni Wilen 23 April 2020 17:11

Extensions are not mapped by default. They can be enabled using Pri & Extensions panel. No need for manual setting.

Arnie 24 April 2020 14:04

All extensions are associated with WinUAE, WinUAE is the default program for the files.

The problem is, double clicking an adf , (for example), opens a window, goes through the shades of black to white then stops at the kickstart screen with DF0: at track1.

Bringing up the GUI reveals that DF0: is empty.
No file is ever loaded no matter what extension is used.

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