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passioneamiga 24 December 2021 09:16

Passione Amiga #5 (Jan 2022) is available for presale!
First of all, we are satisfied, delighted and proud to celebrate Passione Amiga's first birthday! And from now on, as recently anticipated, Passione Amiga becomes a bimonthly magazine!

Issue 5 is currently in print and will be available starting January 3, 2022!

On our site you can pre-order it and of course it will be sent to all subscribers.

To celebrate this birthday, in the next coverdisk we have included the full version of a commercial program!

The entire editorial staff of Passione Amiga wishes you Happy Holidays and sincerely thanks every single reader. If we are able to have a paper magazine dedicated to Amiga in Italy it is largely thanks to you. We put our best effort into it, but without you we don't celebrate this birthday.

Preorder number 5 from here: https://www.passioneamiga.it/numeri/passione-amiga-5/


Pyromania 24 December 2021 18:28

Very nice!

fxgogo 24 December 2021 22:35

It is just so wonderful to see all these new magazines being launched and thriving. Long may it continue.

passioneamiga 26 December 2021 02:33

Thanks a lot! :) We are doing all the best to (re)build a solid italian Amiga community; we will also organize, until the second edition of Passione Amiga Day (in September 2022), some Amiga meetings around the different regions of Italy. We will start with a lunch in region Lazio, close to the capital, to proceed in other regions: Umbria, Tuscany, Marche and Veneto...

This is the link to the first meeting: https://www.facebook.com/events/925803061380617/

Passione Amiga Day: www.passioneamigaday.it

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