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Anubis 10 October 2019 16:16

Kotlin & Java Programming
Well, I have to learn Kotlin and do 'refresh' on java, which I did not use since college days. Last time I coded something on Java, we were using JBuilder 4 and in later year Eclipse. :shocked

Reason to learn Kotlin - I have to code couple in house Android apps that will be used on tablets as well on smart barcode readers.

Anyone has any experience and can suggest good source of information, tutorials and/or class for either one?

kamelito 11 October 2019 00:05

Any books from big nerd ranch

gimbal 11 October 2019 11:41

Take care with any books from Packt publishing. Often they're thrown out for dirt cheap but it's basically a self-publishing kind of deal so a lot of the books that pass through it are really broken. And some are really good, it's completely random. I tend to look at Amazon.com book reviews, especially those marked "verified purchase". They've only steered me wrong once.

So you only need to learn Kotlin right, you're not going to do actual programming using the Java language? If so I would just focus on Kotlin, you'll learn all you need to know about the Java ecosystem - which is probably not very much. I can't say for sure, I didn't invest much time into Kotlin myself yet but I know it's a breath of fresh air to people who used to do Java.

Anubis 11 October 2019 17:25

After posting here, I remembered that I had https://www.lynda.com/ account through my library. They have multiple video trainings for both Java and Kotlin.

I programmed few things in Java back in the day, including communication between server and client in XML (xml parse on both end) and few other smaller projects, but none of them were with GUI, only console code.

Doing first tutorial on Kotlin (just language, not connected to Andorid) and learning syntax and how to use it. It turns out that compiler changes code to Java and executes it with JVM. :)

Thank you both for suggestions, I will look to get couple good books on this.

gimbal 11 October 2019 18:08

It compiles to Java byte code yes. This makes it so you can have mixed Kotlin and Java code in your code base and use any Java library you need. It all compiles down to the same binary classes.

There are many languages available for the Java platform that do the same. Groovy and Scala are also quite popular still.

Invest time into learning a build management tool too. Pick Maven or Gradle. Gradle is for the cool kids, if you choose Maven I can answer questions about it ;)

Anubis 11 October 2019 19:38

This Maven?

At the moment I am using GitHub with IntelliJ IDEA (Community edition).

Once done with tutorials for Kotlin, I have couple of tutorials on Android Studio for app building. I will have to see options to connect to ms sql and oracle databases in app.

gimbal 12 October 2019 00:24


Originally Posted by Anubis (Post 1350567)
This Maven?

The one and only!


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