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Spongehorn 05 August 2019 01:12

Very strange controller glitch
I have a Speedlink Competition Pro. Works great and fine.

Until I load FS-UAE. I load that up and I get the USB disconnect sound. Then under devices my lovely Speedlink Competition Pro is listed as "Game Controller for Android" and is unusable until I unplug and replug it in. Then it's listed under devices as the correct device. Then the second I try to map a button, the mapping fails and it goes back to being listed as Game Controller for Android".

Works without issue in WinUAE.

If anyone has any idea that'd be lovely as I love FS-UAE but this is very strange and renders it unusable.

Edit: MIGHT have solved it. Despite not being turned on Windows appears to be getting confused and thinking the Comp Pro is the Bluetooth controller I had configured (but not connected.) But again only when FS-UAE loads.

Second edit: Nope. Still doing it. Even with all the stuff removed from bluetooth.

FrodeSolheim 10 August 2019 14:02

(TL;DR; It sounds like the joystick device is broken by design?)

I googled a bit around and found other users with the same problem (this time with Steam): https://steamcommunity.com/discussio...0549123317909/.

I'm not sure what happens. It sounds like (perhaps?) the firmware on the joystick tries to figure out "who" is trying to use it based on usage, and possibly reconfigures itself when it thinks an Android device is using it, for compatibility with Android? That's just a theory. If so, it could be a matter of "luck" whether an application's usage of the device triggers this (undocumented?) functionality in the device.

Anyway, I don't know if I can do anything about it. I'm simply using the SDL2 library to use joysticks, and apparently, this is not an FS-UAE-specific problem.

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