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Cat 29 July 2019 06:36

Can't mount 2 HDF files at once on Ubuntu
Hi all, a couple years ago I imaged my old Amiga with a serial cable setup, and got it running on FS-UAE.

However yesterday I was trying to get it running again, this time unsuccessfully. Would really appreciate if anyone knows what's going wrong.

I have two HDF files. System2.0 (the OS) (https://i.imgur.com/GmBBYXh.jpg) and Work (user data) (https://i.imgur.com/4Sf5J8V.jpg).

My config looks like this:


    amiga_model = A3000
    kickstart_file = Kick.rom
    ntsc_mode = 1

    uae_hardfile2 = rw,DH0:/home/aaron/Desktop/Amiga/System2.0.hdf,385,1,2,512,0

    uae_hardfile2 = rw,DH1:/home/aaron/Desktop/Amiga/Work.hdf,385,1,2,512,1

Problem is...it doesn't seem able to mount both drives at once.

It'll boot System2.0, OR it'll boot Work:



but apparently not both together.

Furthermore, the "boot priority" variable in `uae_hardfile2` seems not to matter, unless set to -128 in which case it stops all booting of that drive.

Instead...which drive it tries to boot...is determined by the ORDER of the commands in the config file!

Whichever one is put SECOND...is the one which boots. (???)

It's very strange. Any ideas? Am I missing something obvious?

Goingdown 29 July 2019 08:48

Why you do use uae_hardfile parameters?

You can use hard_drive_0, hard_drive_1, hard_drive_x parameters to have multiple hard disks.

Here is how I have defined multiple hard disks. It does not need any parameters I believe. However, I haven't tried this with hdf files cloned from real Amiga.

hard_drive_0 = /home/...../System.hdf
hard_drive_1 = /home/...../games.hdf

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