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MacGuyver2 25 September 2017 22:45

Filter game lists to favorites?
In FS-UAE Launcher, is there any way to toggle the list of games so that only your favorites are shown?

Also, I see in the open retro game database that there is a score for each game. Is it possible to filter the game lists so that only games above a certain score are shown?



MacGuyver2 26 September 2017 11:38

OK, I sorted out a way to make this work! (Listing just favorite games)

Just came across this comment in the changelist for FS-UAE Launcher 2.9.4dev:


Regarding the favorites functionality, there is no UI to add/remove favorites in the the Launcher/Arcade yet. But you can filter by favorites. For now, favorite games can be added/removed at https://openretro.org/user/favorites and the launcher will sync down this list when updating the game database.
I wasn't sure what "sync down the list" meant, but I logged into to my account at https://openretro.org/user/favorites and added the URL to one of my favorite games in the database, Populous. To be clear, I needed to paste the following:

Hey, that worked, it was listing Populous now on the open Retro Game Database as one of my favorites!

I quickly tried the developer version of FS-UAE-Launcher, and found the favorites drop down menu choice (other choices are configs and games, configs, and games). Unfortunately, Populous was not showing up. Why not? Oh yes, I had to breifly sync the database again! So I quickly updated the game database and now it was displaying my favorites list with just Populous. Yay!:D

Will by nice to have this selecting and filtering possible within the Launcher UI, but for now, this works fine!


FrodeSolheim 16 October 2017 20:49

Yes, "sync down this list" only happens when you run the "Update Game Database" function. Not terribly user-friendly yet, but :D

pycur 26 July 2019 16:20

Is there any way to mark favorite games in the launcher?
Googling a link for any game I would want to place in that list would take quite a lots of work to finish this list...

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