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TroelsDK 04 March 2013 21:06

Babylonian Twins Demo
Hi everybody.

I'm trying to run Babylonian Twins Demo on my A1200 with ACA1231, but it keeps freezing :guru

- I have no other problems running WHDLoad with other games.
- It keeps freezing at the same spot.

Here's a video of the problem:



Wepl 05 March 2013 20:35

tried NoCache option?

TroelsDK 05 March 2013 20:47


Originally Posted by Wepl (Post 872848)
tried NoCache option?

No, but now I have. Still didn't help..

The weird thing is that from the middle 'trampoline' in the beginning I can run and break through the wall, and seemingly continue the game... But as soon as I return to the area above the left trampoline it freezes...

TroelsDK 05 March 2013 23:02

I tried with a different accelerator and no problems, so must be something to do with the ACA1231... Any ideas?

Wepl 10 March 2013 20:23

1 Attachment(s)
It also happens on my 68060, try the attached slave. I have added some blit waits.

TroelsDK 13 March 2013 13:52


Originally Posted by Wepl (Post 873935)
It also happens on my 68060, try the attached slave. I have added some blit waits.

Thanks Wepl!

That did it :bowdown

Wepl 14 March 2013 23:23

ok, have published updated install containing this slave

Retroplay 15 March 2013 18:27

I get distorted sound with the new v1.0 slave on my 1200 + ACA1232.

Can somebody else with an ACA1232 please test this on their Amiga ?

Wepl 16 March 2013 13:13

1 Attachment(s)
can you please test attached slave?

Retroplay 16 March 2013 13:40

It's better but there's still some crackling sounds, no crashes though.

Spoke too soon, it still sounds the same.

Wepl 16 March 2013 13:43

Is it worser than the 0.9 slave?
I don't have time to search for these problems. Maybe ExpChip will help.

Retroplay 16 March 2013 13:52

It's pretty much the same.

It runs fine on my other 020 A1200, so its not a big deal as far as I'm concerned.

ExpChip tool type made a huge difference, thanks.

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