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RCK 25 August 2002 21:17

abîme.net kaillera server - Discuss
I have created one dedicated kaillera server at abîme.net
- It is private and only for our community.
- Please only use it for Amiga games.
- If the bandwich cost are 'normal', it should stay there.

The server is running fine, now waiting for the upcoming release of WinUAE kaillera before starting fun :D



Player list and their ping times are there

Discuss away...

Ian 25 August 2002 21:29

A good idea:)

I have no idea how Kaillera works though, if it's possible, how about putting something on the forum main page, like who's online, but for members waiting for someone to play a multiplayer game?

RCK 25 August 2002 21:30

yes of course :cool
- real time status of awaiting players should be available
- the calendar of the EAB should be used to shredule fight with friends :)

Akira 25 August 2002 21:54

Excellent idea :) Now that i'm on a decent conenction, I want to play!

Ian 25 August 2002 22:09


Originally posted by RCK
- the calendar of the EAB should be used to shredule fight with friends :)
Finally a use for the calendar;)

RetroMan 25 August 2002 22:57


Ian 26 August 2002 00:11

Newbie question
What does all this ping and traceroute stuff mean to actual gameplay?

Sorry, but this isn't really anything I've been interested in before.

RCK 26 August 2002 00:31

more your ping is small, more the game will be playable (no lag / latency)
and in general, more the traceroute hops number is tiny, more the ping is good :p

(number of hops is the number of jump between routers for your packets to reach abime.net destination)

RCK 26 August 2002 00:34

okay, all is working here, now we have to wait for the upcoming release of WinUAE-Kaillera.

Akira 26 August 2002 00:45

I think Ill only be able to play with Burseg, we have the shittiest ping times around :D

oldpx 26 August 2002 00:56

I _hope_ I'm going to be able to play at all with that ping. Maybe a turn based game will help, these things are not common on amiga though, especially two player ones. Let's play chess Akira :D

RCK 26 August 2002 00:59

1 Attachment(s)
bah, ping is not important to defeat me at Artillerus II 2.01U :cool
ps: lol, what a cool threadid :p

(or Worms / Scorched Tanks)

Peanutuk 26 August 2002 01:03

Can't wait!

:laughing :laughing

Akira 26 August 2002 01:28

Woo, Chain is on that threaD! Whatever happened to him?

Nyarlathotep 26 August 2002 02:33

Great Idea!
But I don't think it will work properly with my 56k connection from Italy... :-(
Maybe a strategic game?

RCK 26 August 2002 12:28

56k gaming should also be possible, especially for turn by turn games

blackcornflake 26 August 2002 21:43

WinUAE Kaillera sounds like a deeply wonderful thing. :D

I look forward to playing Sensi with Shatterhand. :)

My Ping averages out at ~72 ms. Being new to this, is this OK for action games?

Drake1009 26 August 2002 23:22

everything below 100 should be a nice ping I think.

Any ideas when the release will come out then?

Akira 28 August 2002 14:33

Just played MAME Kaillera with Burseg... Despite the big lag, it was quite playable! So this WinUAE kaillera thing is gonna be very fun :D

Looking forward to it!

Excelle 28 August 2002 14:44

Oh cool, I can't wait! Ok so I have a shitty 56k connection, but it supposedly works well in the new vers. anyway :)

*starts stockpiling Sunbursts for Scorch action*

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