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abelthorne 21 November 2003 18:57

WinUAE-Kaillera and HD-games
Is it possible to play HD-games (whdload-ified) with WinUAE-Kaillera ?

Drake1009 21 November 2003 19:41

I think it's the only way with the new one.

┬žane 22 November 2003 02:50

You only need to see what can and has been done using HardDiskFiles. Check out the WinUAE Kaillera Workshop!

abelthorne 22 November 2003 14:24

Thanks for the link (I'm currently reading the guide - erm... it's not really easy to understand : seems to me it's not been written by someone whose native language is english :( . I'll try to manage, though -)

abelthorne 22 November 2003 17:40

D'oh ! Didn't look at the url carefully...

So I get either a german version or Babelfish's translation... won't be easy :(

I'll try to understand anyway :)

killergorilla 22 November 2003 18:45

yeah it's not easy reading though is it!

And why oh why did those crazy Germans choose the same word for play AND game?


T_hairy_bootson 22 November 2003 18:50


Now player NR must. 1 with JOY haven 1 only select, which is to be played and will the play is already loaded and it can lively is played.

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