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Titler 09 July 2003 00:59

Kaillera Crashes;

Just downloaded the current WIP (r2b2), and it crashes everytime I try to connect to the Kaillera server. I think I recognise the problem, as it also occured with MAME... I replaced a kailleraclient.dll file there with a newer alpha version to solve it; does anyone know if there is a similar replacement for this version of WinUAE Kaillera?

Can somone also point me to a good FAQ or similar for configuring this version manually?

Oh, and finally, can someone remind me of what the standard Amiga resolution was again? :)


Minuous 19 December 2003 14:13

Most PAL games were done in 320x256 mode. Most NTSC games were done at 320x200. I assume you meant in regards to old games rather than what Commodore recommended as standard Workbench resolution in later releases (640x512).

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