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Excelle 06 June 2003 12:30

WinUAE Kaillera - mmm?
Whatever happened to WinUAE Kaillera eh? The news screen has said the same thing as long as I can remember now (ok, so my memory is crap :D), and I was wondering if it is actually still in development...

filippodb 11 June 2003 15:25

There's a new version that works great from 25 of May, look at the WIP section of the site!
It's more easy, faster and it works perfectly with all the OS.
We're using that for the Kick Off 2 league www.koanet.tk and it's like a dream!

Excelle 11 June 2003 15:33

Wicked :) I guess I should have read the front page a bit better :)

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