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MonsterSky 01 October 2017 16:59

A2630 and AMIX boot menu option
Hi everyone, I have a question about the AMIX boot option operation on a A2630.

On my Amiga 2500UX I currently installed a working Workbench 3.1 and an AMIX 2.1 bot on the same hard disk (different partitions, of course).

The only way to boot AMIX is from the startup configuration menu that comes up holding both mouse buttons during the machine startup and choose the AMIX boot partition.

If I choos the AMIX option of the A2630 boot menu the Amiga won't boot and returns on the A26030 boot menu. If i choose AmigaDOS (both on 68000 or 68030) Amiga boot normally in the Workbench.

Is there any particolar configuration I have to put in place? This is the actual:

Amiga 2500UX (KS 3.1 Rev. 6.2) with A2091 (ROM 7.0) and A2630
SCSI hard disk with the following partitions
1. Reserved for AMIX install media
2. DH1 Workbench
3. UNIX_Boot
4. UNIT_Root
5. UNIX_Swap

Any suggestion?

Thank you.

Noth 09 October 2017 20:50

I'm going to hasard a guess and say that you need to have the UNIX_Boot partition as the first one on the disk. Workbench should be last...

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