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tobobobo 16 March 2015 12:08

Optimal WinUAE settings for Alien Breed 3D II TKG
Dear all,

I've done a few searches, but I can't really find any help on this one.

I'm a big fan of the Alien Breed 3D games and especially TKG. However, I don't seem able to match the smoothness and speed of some of the videos I see on YouTube. When I run TKG, it's always just a bit jerky/laggy when I know the playability could be much better.

I've tried ticking various boxes like 060 and more ram etc. but I don't know really what I'm doing and I'm probably doing more harm than good.

I have a meaty games machine and I'm using WinUAE v3 so I should just be able to let it rip - I just don't know how.

Any help much appreciated.


Retro-Nerd 16 March 2015 13:08

A 68040/60 with JIT enabled, "fastest possible" CPU emulation speed and the game runs pretty smooth. :)

Steve 16 March 2015 14:55

Really even 020 and AGA plus 8MB RAM should be good enough. The key really is ticking the "fastest possible" box like Retro-Nerd says. Also try running it in full screen and also try with and without the "JIT" option ticked. Turning that on should give an enormous speed boost!

Retro-Nerd 16 March 2015 15:34

Yep, JIT makes it silky smooth. And no graphic glitches afair. :D

tobobobo 16 March 2015 22:48

That worked a treat, guys. Thank you.

(Forgot how bleedin hard this game was)

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