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AlexFalcon 05 February 2006 21:18

The Neverending story of a Demo!
Hi, i'm an italian guy. For many years I try to find a demo (or a game). I have the floppy of this game or demo (i don't know) but i haven't an amiga console. The image is:

on the floppy there is a word. This word is "Demo Mam". But probrably is not the correct word. Maybe is Demo Ham, Demo Man, Demo Mak or another words. Therefore the probably title is incomplet or disowned.
What do you think about this?

I remember many things of this game/demo (i don't know). There were many photos of geometric figures on background strange (like chessboards). All in 3d computer graphic. You must click the mouse e appears the succesive photo, similar at the precedent. All the demo is in this mode.
There is also a song that i remember. A background sound, we say.......

In the link successive, you can find an image SIMILAR (is not the real game) to the demo. IS NOT THE REAL DEMO, IS SIMILAR! ONLY SIMILAR!


mtb 05 February 2006 22:12

If nobody can't tell something about this demo or better slideshow if i have understood, let me know where do you live via pm ( Lombardia here ), if you send me it i can try it out and send you the adf via mail. It's quite old, maybe it's even unreadable...

If you live far from me you can try to find someone at emuita forum home computer section.

Btw amiga is not a console ;) .

AlexFalcon 06 February 2006 14:40

But do you live in Italy (sei italiano?)

mtb 06 February 2006 20:17


But do you live in Italy (sei italiano?)
yes, if i wrote Lombardia...

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