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plasmatron 05 January 2004 16:46

What was the last Dizzy Game for the AMIGA ?
Was it Fantastic Dizzy from 1993? I think it was the first and the last full price DIZZY game ever released.

Which DIZZY titles were canceled for the AMIGA ?
The last project i remember was WONDERLAND DIZZY.

Overdoc 05 January 2004 23:03

Yes, I think it was Fantastic Dizzy. Also it has the best grafix of them all.
AFAIK there are the following Dizzy adventure games on the Amiga:

Treasure Island Dizzy
Fantasy Word Dizzy
Dizzy & Prince of the Yolkfolk
Spellbound Dizzy
Magic Land Dizzy
Fantastic Dizzy

Don't know about any others ever made on the Amiga.
But there are some games very similar to Dizzy like Giddy I & II, Slightly Magic, Seymour goes to Hollywood, Little Puff in Dragonland and probably others.

Akira 06 January 2004 04:21

Fantastic Dizzy it is. My fave from the series actually!

plasmatron 06 January 2004 09:21

Did someone played a DIZZY remake on PC? Or maybe the third Giddy game?

Dizzy 06 January 2004 12:55

The Official Dizzy Fansite
Dizzy heaven :)

KombatSanta 06 January 2004 14:19


Originally posted by Dizzy
The Official Dizzy Fansite
Dizzy heaven :)

OMG... That's just scary man.:shocked

TikTok 06 January 2004 15:21

Crystal Kingdoms Dizzy was also released on the Amiga - 1993 according to HOL.

Dizzy 06 January 2004 16:01


Originally posted by KombatSanta
OMG... That's just scary man.:shocked
Hehehehe me and my family will hunt you in your nightmare..

Overdoc 06 January 2004 23:41


No, I have Giddy III, but haven├Ąt plyed it, yet.
But I finished Giddy I & II on the Amiga, as well as Treasure Island, Prince of Yolkfolk and Fantasy World Dizzy :)

plasmatron 07 January 2004 10:36


I`d also completed Fantasy World Dizzy, Magicland and and Giddy 1 and 2.

I`d never completed Treasure Island because of the nasty traps.

Aloso never completed FANTASTIC DIZZY. Because of the lame inventory system. Why did they change the good old inventory for this game?

Traquer 07 January 2004 17:43

I completed Treasure Island dizzy a few years ago, about 5 years after i got it, lol!

It was hard to avoid everything, especially in the sea, i would just jump into fish or something stupid.

Overdoc 07 January 2004 21:37

Yep, this ne fucking life you get makes it really difficult ! And it's also a pain to find all those 30 coins, but in the end I made it :)
Haven't started playing any other Dizzy games except Spellbound Dizzy, where I remember getting stuck back then.

Only similar game I played rather far is Slightly Magic :) It's a cool game, but again there is one point I haven't found out how to continue....

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