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turrican3 24 October 2019 06:59

genlock resolution
Hi toni,
it seems that if i play a game which is in lores single,
the video i display with the genlock is resized in the resolution of the game.
Could it be possible to have an option for the diplayed the video in the resolution of the fullscreen mode ??
By default with winuae 800x600 but myself i use 1600x900.
A video in 320x256, it's really too blocky.
I know, i can switch to hires double but then the video games in lores single aren't perfect.
I would like to keep the game at its resolution but at least display the video (genlock) in 640x480.
off-course just an option to leave every possibilities open.

turrican3 24 October 2019 23:16

like you can see in this video, the video displayed with the genlock doesn't seem downscaled to lores single.
With winuae, i tried, the result is like the picture or the video is downscaled.
Perhaps it is a limitation of the pc which can't display 2 different resolution ??
take a look at 12:40, they choosed a lores and the video is displayed like it is, not downscaled.Like i wrote it's perhaps a limitation of the pc but if you can do something about it ??

turrican3 25 October 2019 00:39

the result is interesting :
ps: this is how i play bubble bobble now with winuae and genlock, thank you toni.
But i must change from lores single to hires double to have something good, but i must admit that if it's difficult to do it
an other way, it's ok... i'm already more than happy. :great
a video was used with the genlock, not a picture.

turrican3 25 October 2019 05:20

Hi Toni,
this genlock stuff is really great.:great
But could it be possible to have a loop option for the video files ???
i'm looking to add scrolling to ggames for the moment.
It seems to work great but it just miss a way to loop the video.
I think i will put a video for the 1st time on youtube when i'll finish something great to show. :great

Toni Wilen 25 October 2019 21:08

Automatic looping can be added, it is very simple update. But scaling probably won't get any better because it is using simple linear scaling. It can look crappy.

turrican3 26 October 2019 02:07

Ok, thank you toni. :great

turrican3 26 October 2019 02:47

last question toni,
what could be the best resolution for videos or images ???
And the best video format also ??
Thanks for your help.
edited: about automatic looping, please don't put it be default, if you can let us have the option to loop it or not... I will use it to add to flink the megacd intro to the cd32 by exemple ... but if it loops it won't work because the game itself will have the video in the background.

turrican3 26 October 2019 02:55


Originally Posted by Toni Wilen (Post 1354163)
But scaling probably won't get any better because it is using simple linear scaling. It can look crappy.

And no scaling at all, is it possible ??
And i just saw that if you let the game in lores single, it's like some lines are missing, i have to set double to fix it.
If you need a snapshot, i'll put it tomorrow.
Once again, thank you for the genlock. :great
edited: could it be possible to add an input target ?? The target launch the genlock or connect, disconnect the genlock. having a key to enable and disable the genlock should be useful. I hope i don't ask too much.

turrican3 16 November 2019 03:39

3 Attachment(s)
Hi Toni,
using genlock with a png picture there is a lost of amiga gfx.
The result is the same if you use noise (built-in), etc...

1st pic without genlock the 2nd with genlock (a gradient in png).
For the 3rd pic i switch line mode double and then all the gfx are there but turrican is in line mode single and like you can see the results are better in line mode single... Perhaps you did all your tests in line mode double ??
Could it be repaired ?? Is not great to use it with missing gfxs

Toni Wilen 16 November 2019 11:02

First, get rid of that filter (you sure it isn't the filter causing the difference?). Always remove all unnecessary stuff.

turrican3 19 November 2019 06:52

4 Attachment(s)
Ok, no problem, :great

I'll do it later today.
Pictures later.
ok done.
I attached 2 with genlock hires double and lores single, same result than before.
And the same screenshots but genlock disabled.
The result is the same than before.
I didn't outlined the gfx problem, just look the numbers, it misses the upper side. (2nd picture)... The pictures have the names which explain which is what.
And like before the gfx are perfect with any settings hire lores double or single if genlock is not used, picture 3 and 4.
The problem happen just in lores single with genlock.

Same result with dx9 and dx11.

ps: Sorry for the shaders, i didn't pay attention that i didn't disabled it.
But they are not guilty here. :confused

Toni Wilen 22 November 2019 21:29

I can't duplicate it. Both modes show identical output with genlock enabled.

You still have some scaling going on (check the background grid) which can explain the problem. Always use 1:1 integer scaling first.

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