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lifeschool 30 August 2020 17:30

Lemon/EAB Super League 2020 - Round 12 - Cast Your Votes
:lemonade: Lemon/EAB Super League 2020 - Round 12 - Cast Your Votes

Normal Round
:boing: Vote for the game we will play in Round 12 of the 2020 Super League.
:boing: Voting starts now and ends Saturday 12th Sept, 23:59pm UK Time.
:boing: Vote for 5 games, rank them 1-5, 1 being highest.
:boing: Your first choice gets 5 points, second 4pts, third 3pts, fourth 2pts, fifth 1pt.
:boing: Remember to choose games suitable for competition play.
:boing: If in doubt, ask in the thread or contact a Moderator before you vote.
:boing: Some games from the 2013 Super League are Back In Play.
:boing: The winner of the previous round (11) gets double voting power.
:boing: Edited votes will be discounted - so think before you post.

:!: The following games have already been chosen, so you cannot vote for them:

2020 Season:
R11: Cannon Fodder
R10: Soccer Kid and Super Twintris [link]
R9: Fightin Spirit AGA [link]
R8: War Zone (Core) [link]
R7: The Spy Who Loved Me [link]
R6: Battle Squadron [link]
R5: Jaguar XJ220 [link]
R4: Jump N Roll & Wizzy's Quest [link]
R3: Wolfchild [link]
R2: Turrican [link]
R1: Hybris and Shadow of the Beast III [link]

2019 Season:
R14: Trap Runner [link]
R13: Celtic Heart and Minskies Furballs [link]
R12: Pro Tennis Tour 2 [link]
R11: Worthy [link]
R10: Exile and Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters [link]
R9: PGA European Tour [link]
R8: Shadow of the Beast II [link]
R7: Treasure Island Dizzy [link]
R6: Fire Force and B.C Kid [link]
R5: Turrican 3 [link]
R4: Shadow of the Beast [link]
R3: Deluxe Galaga AGA and Llamatron 2112 [link]
R2: Jim Power [link]
R1: Indianapolis 500 [link]

2018 Season:
R14: Max Rally [link]
R13: James Pond - Underwater Agent [link]
R12: SWOS '94 & Speedball 2 [link]
R11: Toki [link]
R10: PGA Tour Golf [link]
R9: Zarathrusta and Zool 2 [link]
R8: Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 [link]
R7: Ziriax [link]
R6: St.Dragon and Paradroid 90 [link]
R5: Rainbow Islands [link]
R4: Microprose Formula One Grand Prix [link]
R3: Screech and Alien Fish Finger [link]
R2: F1 (Domark) [link]
R1: Pinball Dreams [link]

2017 Season:
R14: Monster Business [link]
R13: Amegas [link]
R12: Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge & Microprose F1GP [link]
R11: Golden Axe [link]
R10: Super Cars [link]
R9: Alien Breed SE 97 and Arabian Nights [link]
R8: Turrican 2 [link]
R7: Benefactor [link]
R6: Lionheart & Tetris Pro [link]
R5: Pac-Mania [link]
R4: Mega Typhoon [link]
R3: The Adventures of Quik and Silva & Blocky Skies [link]
R2: Apidya [link]
R1: Rick Dangerous 2 [link]

2016 Season:
R14: Aquanaut (F1 Licenceware) [link]
R13: Sensible Soccer 1.1 [link]
R12: Lemmings and Leander [link]
R11: Aladdin [link]
R10: Super Cars II
R9: Rodland [link]
R8: California Games & Operation Wolf [link]
R7: Bally II [link]
R6: Goal! [link]
R5: Zeewolf 2: Wild Justice [link]
R4: Mine Runner & POD [link]
R3: Final Fight [link]
R2: Prince Of Persia and Roadkill [link]
R1: Slam Tilt [link]

2015 Season:
R14: Stunt Car Racer TNT [link]
R13: World Class Leader Board [link]
R12: Volfied & Vektor Storm [link]
R11: Rick Dangerous [link]
R10: The Chaos Engine [link]
R09: Super Skweek [link]
R08: Obsession & Plat-man [link]
R07: Wings [link]
R06: The Great Giana Sisters [link]
R05: Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge [link]
R04: Q-Bic & Crazy Sue [link]
R03: Microprose Formula One Grand Prix [link]
R02: Sensible World of Soccer 96/97 & First Samurai [link]
R01: SWIV [link]

2014 Season:
R14: SCR TNT [link]
R13: Agony [link]
R12: Menace & Midnight Resistance [link]
R11: Liquid Kids [link]
R10: Super Hang-On [link]
R09: Stardust [link]
R08: Zool & Summer Games II [link]
R07: Jumping Jack'Son [link]
R06: Buggy Boy [link]
R05: Hybris [link]
R04: Solid Gold & Revenge of the Mutant Camels [link]
R03: Klax [link]
R02: Superfrog & Pang [link]
R01: Crazy Cars III: [link]

Note: The following games are now back in play!
2013 Season:
R14: Lotus 2 [link]
R13: No Second Prize [link]
R12: Dogs Of War & Disposable Hero [link]
R11: Snow Bros [link]
R10: Pinball Fantasies [link]
R09: IK+ [link]
R08: Arkanoid & GeeBee Air Rally [link]
R07: Risky Woods [link]
R06: Arcade Pool [link]
R05: Speedball 2 [link]
R04: Downfall & BabeAnoid [link]
R03: The New Zealand Story [link]
R02: All Terrain Racing [link]
R01: Test Drive II [link]

If a game comes in OCS/ECS and AGA versions, please state your preference in your vote. In the event the versions differ gameplay-wise, the version with most votes will be played. ECS is the default if you don't specify.

Bugged Games:
If you know of any games with nasty bugs that could mess up a competition, please get in touch with one of the moderators. Either lifeschool or John4p.

Everyone (especially guests) are welcome to play, vote, and chat at any time :) :amiga:

lifeschool 13 September 2020 18:40


Originally Posted by lifeschool
Round 12 voting results:

1. World Games 13*
2. Bolo Mrówkojad 11*
3. Navy Seals 10*
4. Test Drive 8*
5. Chuck Rock 7
6. Captain Planet 5*
7. Zany Golf 5*
8. Banshee 4
9. Wings of Death 4
10. Apache 3
11. Lemmings 2 3
12. Qwak 3
13. Parasol Stars 3
14. Ruff 'n Tumble 3
15. Second Samurai 3
16. Leavin' Teramis 2
17. Sly Spy 2
18. Hostages 1

Should John win Cannon Fodder, Navy Seals will move to the top.

Another unexpected result. World Games might be more fun that the overly challenging Navy Seals, but we'll have to see how things turn out.

All times are GMT +2. The time now is 19:16.

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