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kikems 05 September 2017 11:10

RetroWars [English] released!!!
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from Amigawave we are happy to announce that our game Retrowars is in the last phase of testing before release.

The game will be available as free download and as Boxed version for the Amiga fans who want contribute us or they just want to collect Amiga new stuff. Boxed versiĆ³n will be available in the most common Amiga shops, in a few days i'll post the list of Amiga stores where you can find it.

RetroWars was available in spanish since 1 year and now comes to english with some updates.

Retrowars is a graphic aventure point and click style inspired on StarWars universe with a retro theme.
The game have scroll, big screens, all graphic in 32 colors, inventory, musics in game, various scenarios to explore, and a lot of fun, all in only one disk that runs on any Amiga with 1 MB ram, with at least 512 kb of chip.

Stay tune !

ptyerman 05 September 2017 12:57

Great stuff! Looking forward to this.

Predseda 05 September 2017 13:09

:agree I want it boxed!

kikems 05 September 2017 14:01

In a few days we announce release date and Amiga shops where RetroWars Boxed version will be available, remember that will be release as free download too.

Predseda 05 September 2017 14:28

And both dark and bright box?

kikems 05 September 2017 14:36


Originally Posted by Predseda (Post 1182627)
And both dark and bright box?

Yes you can choose, Dark side Boxed edition or The Force Boxed game :spin

What you prefer ? join to the Dark side or support the Rebels ?

Before RetroWars jump to international Amiga community with the english version, AmigaWave takes about 1 year distributing the spanish version of boxed game, with hundreds boxes distributed and all Amiga fans here love this initiative of dual Boxed edition.

Lord Aga 05 September 2017 17:23

I like the cutesy art-style. If the story is fun and interesting, this will be a hit :)

Gzegzolka 05 September 2017 17:39

Nice, since I do not understood Spanish, English version would be awesome solution for me. I would love to try this game.

Predseda 06 September 2017 08:45


Originally Posted by kikems (Post 1182628)
Yes you can choose, Dark side Boxed edition or The Force Boxed game :spin

What you prefer ? join to the Dark side or support the Rebels ?

Maybe both ;)

kikems 24 October 2017 03:21

AmigaWave RetroWars English version, November 6
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We are ready to say in November 6 our RetroWars game English version will be available as free download, boxed edition in AmigaStore.eu and included in all ARMiga units.
Stay tune !.

kikems 24 October 2017 03:42

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Now we can say in November 6 RetroWars English version will be available as free download and Boxed edition.

Aladin 24 October 2017 09:30

French version ? :D

kikems 24 October 2017 13:24


Originally Posted by Aladin (Post 1194250)
French version ? :D

If you can help me with translation, will be possible.

Neil79 24 October 2017 16:57


Aladin 25 October 2017 23:09

Article on amiga France


kikems 31 October 2017 00:52


Originally Posted by Aladin (Post 1194637)

Thanks for the info.

kikems 31 October 2017 00:57

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Finish batch 2 of 3 of boxed games. Remember that RetroWars english will be available on november 6th as free download and boxed edition for the amiga users that want collect a new Amiga game in 2017 or want to contribute with us.

In six days you can find boxed game in AmigaStore.eu, Amedia Computer and included in all ARMiga units.

kikems 31 October 2017 02:46


Originally Posted by Neil79 (Post 1194345)

thx for your help.

kikems 31 October 2017 17:49

Small preview of game.


kikems 04 November 2017 22:32

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Only 2 days left.

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