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bigmax 22 September 2004 12:41

Undumped CAPS games, how to dump?
I have original Amiga disks for

4x4 Off-Road Racing (1988, Epyx) (EU)
Chicago 90 (1989, Microids/Prism Leisure) (EU)

which don't appear on the release list on caps.org
and a stock Amiga 500 w/1MB memory.

How do I dump these and contribute?

IFW 22 September 2004 12:45

I think the easiest way if you don't have the equipment needed is to contact someone in Finland who has, namely Toni Wilen.

Azarius 31 July 2016 10:26

I know it's a bit of a late reply (only 12 years!) but you can get a piece of software called Amiga Explorer from Clonato which allows you to connect an Amiga to a PC via Serial to transfer data.

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